How to start recording my guitar with the THR5a

I have installed Cubase 11 and the computer recognizes my Yamaha THR5a and I have followed directions to enable things (I think). I just want to record my guitar. No singing . I click on new project and it takes me to Steinberg Hub. I can only choose to record with a guitar and another mic. Then I can’t figure out how to start recording on the page that comes up next. This is mighty confusing. Help! I’ve never used recording software. I don’t want to do anything fancy at this point. Just record my playing. Can’t figure out how.

Welcome ! And first, a question : which Cubase version are you using (Pro, Artist, elements, AI, LE) ?

After this, forget the Steinberg Hub : the only truely needed thing is to create an audio track correctly routed. And this is where things can become difficult. So, can you post here screenshots of both your Studio>Studio Setup>Audio system window, as well as both the Studio>Audio Connections>Inputs / Outputs pane ?

This to know what is available in Cubase concerning your Yamahe amp as a device…

My home screen icon says Cubase LE AI Elements 11. I have the program that was free with the Yamaha THR5A.

OK. As it’s a Yamaha product, I guess that’s actually the AI version, the LE one being bundled with other non Steinberg/Yamaha hardware products.

So, my inquiry is still valid, as all these window panes are implemented the same way in the AI version as other ones. It would help, before going further… :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried to send the pictures but the website will only let me send one at a time because I’m new(!) so I will try again.

OK. Actually, it’s the first image that was important. We’ll do without the Audio Connections one. So, next steps :

  1. If not done yet, In the Studio>Audio Connections window, Inputs pane, create one stereo bus and two mono ones (as it seems that the device driver is done with this configuration), named THR5A Guitar, THR5A Guitar DI 1 and THR5A Guitar DI 2 (actually the names used aren’t that important but, as much as possible, all should be named in a meaningful way). To do so, and for each of them, click on the Add Bus button, name the bus just created, choose Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO in the Audio Device column and select the different ports available to get something like this :
Bus                  Speakers         Audio Device              Device Port

THR5A Guitar         Stereo           Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO
                                                                THR5A Guitar L
                                                                THR5A Guitar R

THR5A Guitar DI 1    Mono             Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO
                                                                THR5A Guitar DI 1

THR5A Guitar DI 2    Mono             Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO
                                                                THR5A Guitar DI 2
  1. Make more or less the same thing for the only available output bus in the Outputs pane, to get something like this :
Bus                  Speakers         Audio Device              Device Port

Main Out             Stereo           Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO
                                                                THR5A L
                                                                THR5A R
  1. Once done, create an audio stereo track in your project, then :
  • In the Input Routing drop down list of the track inspector, choose THR5A Guitar.
  • Activate the Monitor button of the track.
  1. Additionally, check the USB connection between the amp and your computer and carefully adjust both the output level of the amp and the playback level with either the fader in the track Inspector or in Cubase MixConsole.

You should get both a signal visible on the track meters and the incoming sound of your guitar. To record it, you’ll have to use both the Record arm button and the transport controls.


I set up the Audio Connections the way you showed. On step 3 you said create an audio stereo track in your project. I can’t figure out how to start a project. I go to File and select New Project and it immediately brings up the Steinberg Studio Hub, Projects page. That page has choices for guitar plus another microphone, which I don’t have. It doesn’t have a choice for just guitar recording. So I can’t get a project started Thanks for helping me!

There is a Use Hub setting in the Edit>Preferences>General page that allows you to deactivate it : I think it’s activated by default (you’ll probably need to restart Cubase for this to have an effect).

In the worst case, and even if you use the hub, you should be able to select an ‘Empty’ one, in the More category of project templates available : up to you to create the needed tracks in it. Beside this, choosing the template with an added microphone isn’t an issue : AFAIK, it will just create an added track for an eventual use of it, and nothing prevents you from deleting this track once the project is created.

Dear cubic13,

I have the same problem with THR5A as Deborah_Higgins does.
I made all configurations you suggested (the THR5A driver version screenshoot attached) but still do not see that Cubase “hears” my guitar …
Could you please help me to figure our what am I doing wrong!

I have Cubase LE AI Elements 11.0.40 Build 446 from Sep 01, 2021