How to stop alias files?

Hi All,

First - please forgive me if this has been answered but I used the search function and even manually searched all the topics in the WL9 forum, and was not able to find answers.

Can someone kindly help me solve this issue I have with alias files (I don’t know what else to call them - but in honesty I have no idea what function they serve) that appear in tandem with any WL file I save?

This is a very annoying issue because the files are appearing every time a save a file, and I have to go and manually delete them each session.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 11.22.28 AM.png
I should add that I’m on Mac (10.11.4) and that this happens no matter what destination I choose to save the files to.

Solving this would save me a lot of time - Thanks in advance!

This kind of file is a temporary file. It should be deleted automatically. I wonder why it does not happen in your case.
Where do you find them?

Thanks for the reply, PG

These temp files show up wherever I choose as my destination to save a file.

Doesn’t matter if it’s direct to desktop or within a folder… every time I hit command+S it generates one of these in the same location. And rather than disappearing (either after that function or at least when I quit Wavelab) the file remains in that location until I manually delete it.

El Capitain weirdness I think.

This is interesting, but I have never seen these temporary files with El Capitan or any other version of OS X.

Thanks for the additional thoughts guys…

I’ll see if they disappear after future OS X updates - I, too, suspect this could be linked to El Capitan somehow because it wasn’t happening in Yosemite with WL 8.5