How to Stop Cubase From Saving Projects in "Untitled" Folders

Is there a way to set the default save operation so that it names the folder what the project itself is named? I see a very old thread from 2011 asking about this, but it seems that back then there was a ‘save as’ window that allowed you to specify the folder name. In CBP 10 ‘save as’ doesn’t bring up any such option, it simply brings up the directory window within an ‘untitled-[x]’ folder…

No there wasn´t. „save as“ specifies the save location of the project file. The project folder is set (either automatically, or manually) when you create a new project. Have a closer look at the project assistant

Ok thanks, in that case is there a way to revise the project folder name after it has been set in the project assistant? I rarely know what to name my projects before I’ve started them, and physically renaming each folder in the file explorer afterwards seems a bit unnecessary.

I donˋt think so - unless you consider the „backup project“ option.

Alright, thanks for the info.

I vote for an option to name the project folder what the project is called.


When you start Cubase, look at the Hub and then select “Prompt for Project Location.” This will prevent a new project from being created in a folder named “Untitled.”

I tend to keep my starter or draft projects in a Monthly Folder. For a more involved project, I set up the project folder in a dedicated project Directory (Folder) on the hard drive. Moving projects around with Archive and Backup can be tricky.

Good luck.

Hello iGBk,

Here is the usual workflow I follow, “Just my two cents” this is the two steps I use when making a project.

  1. Name the project folder in the Hub then copy the name Ctrl + C and hit Enter twice to make a new empty project.
  2. Then I immediately hit Ctrl + S and Paste the name I gave the folder in the file name box and save the project.

    I’m wishing that Steinberg will make Cubase do setup two automatically since many times people will just start digging in making a song and in the event of a program crash or some user error lose ALL their work.

Have a great day!

Thanks, my only issue with that is that the ‘audio’ etc of multiple projects will be put into the same ‘audio’ subfolder. Which means that when a draft turns into a more involved project, it will be near impossible to extricate the specific files for that project from the working directory.

Okay thanks yeah, I’ll give that a go, it’s probably my best bet given the functionality in this case.

Thanks, have a great day yourself, It’s nighttime here :wink:

If I’m hearing you correctly and it seems that you experimented with this procedure. Backup that should work, go to File > Backup Project then make a new folder and save the project into it. Cubase will copy all the files used in the project there. The files made with File > Save New Version will not be there, but you will be able to copy those into the new folder manually. When the backed up project is opened, Cubase will ask what path to the project you want to use, then click New Path and all should be working. I’ve been trying this out, backing up to the cloud and using the projects between computers, the only thing I don’t do is try to run the project from the Cloud folder because of file locking that the cloud server does when syncing files, I always put the project in the Cubase Projects folder and run it from there and then repeat the backup progress if I’m going to use the project somewhere else.

Where you able to uncover a problem with the backup procedure? I don’t think it’s profitable for me to just say “Works great here” because sometimes it may not.

It’s night here now too :slight_smile:

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the Back-up Project procedure is ideal for changing temporary ideas into full Projects. It’s how I work and have been for years using this feature.


Thanks for posting about that procedure. I was quoted, but, OP, don’t miss that advice.


Thanks for confirming that that is a good workflow.

Thank you, gave it a whirl and that does do the trick! Cloud workflow also sounds interesting, will try that sometime.

Very helpful - such a simple thing and yet I kept overlooking it! Thanks, M8!

Great Idea,something I should start doing.Make up an ideas folder of sorts,then turn them into full projects :slight_smile:


i would like to go a bit further on this topic since this is a core question for many years and it is something that can be optimized.

  1. the reason of the question of OP is that he has no name defined in the project location on the hub (or at start) when creating a new project. The most obvious reason for this is that he has no name for it yet. Cubase does need a location for temporary storage so it creates by default and writes on hard drive a permanent location for the files. Should this be really necessary. I do not think so. You can go with a non-permanent location by default without any issue. The reason for that is fwiw in my opninion a mishap in the workflow, as i will explain in 2.

  2. Once OP has made some project he saves it, and it will be written to the default location, named untitled xxx. Maybe he even wants to save it to a specific location, but he doesn’t get all his importent extra data saved on that same location with it… ! No, he needs to backup it if he wants to recreate a new location. (that can be a real hd space killer on specific conditions e.g. wavs)

  3. I agree with the other members that once you finish a project you should backup things and restructure the entire set of data on a specific location.

  4. But i disagree that the current workflow is optimal with the oldscool type of saving (permanently locating) things before it gets named. It should be very easy to permanently relocate the entire data set once it is getting saved and named by the user.
    Just save the entire bunch to the user specified location.

This is much more conventient and much more logic for any user.

but again, FWIW

kind regards,

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All of this extra stuff is just so unnecessary when damn near EVERY other DAW has an “auto save” feature that either a) automatically names projects and b) doesn’t create all these unnecessary folders within folders for every little thing. Cubase has A LOT of catching up to do when it comes to making things much simpler and easier.

me to, i have so manny epty folder becose i make a lot of midi melodys, and now when im looking fore some of them. i have to go inn to every file to find them. it whud be better if the map wher name the same as the save file. way woud it be anny other way ennyway? “hm… im looking for a tune i name 12.01.18”. #maybe its in un untitel - 1465". that whas created 28.06.20(becose i moved them due to factory reset of windows. ) or maybe one of the 400 folder that has the same change date. its whud have saved me a lot of time if the folder whas named the same as the file! and cubase whudent create folders when i dident save at least.

yeah!!! and the realy enoying thing is that windows change my last edit date on folder every time i had to move all my save"s to an thumb drive. so i culd do a widows factory reset and stil have my files after, that im verry sure that almost every buddy do every year at least. and now i have one drive but i stil have 4 difrent edit dates spread out on almost 500 folders.

i have the same issue , the only work around i do is to use a software like UltraSearch to grab the .cpr file by the name (or partial of name) if it gets lost from the project list, since windows search is really helpless.
It would be nice tho if the folder name gets the project name automatically.