How to stop Metronome Click automatically in specific bar?

I’m using Cubase Pro 8 - home recording - recording myself, meaning I don’t have recording engineer to assist me while recording.
I’m recording a song that has a fixed temp and it’s important for me to hear the metronome click while recording.
However in a certain point of the track (before reaching the end of the song), I want to cancel the click and play rubato (free rhythm feeling without attachment to real click) till the end of the song.
Does anyone knows how to turn OFF the metronome click at specific bar during recording? e.g. play the metronome clicks only between bars 1-30?
(I don’t have the option to manually press “c” on the keyboard while playing the guitar)

I don’t think there is a way to automatically start or stop the Cubase click but, you can create you own “click track” by recording a midi instrument of your choice as a click sound. Then you can do whatever you want with that.

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There is in fact a way to make Cubase be your “2nd engineer” :wink: , if you have some means of MIDI loopback (sorry, I’m not too up-to-date with which loopback (usually freeware) software is currently available for PC, but on Mac you can use its built-in IAC Bus), and then use a dedicated MIDI track to trigger your created Generic Remote Devices (MIDI track outputs to the loopback send, and the Generic Remote receives the loopback return as its input). Sounds a bit complicated at first, but, once you’ve set it up a first time, you’ll see just how powerful this can be.
(In short, I am saying that you can get a MIDI track to switch your metronome on and off at the location in the song where that MIDI Part contains the appropriate MIDI note (or could even be a MIDI CC or Program Change, if you prefer).
I attach a screenshot of a Generic Remote that I had already set up for this purpose (and other stuff too, as you will see :wink:…Look at the bottom line in the upper and lower sections… they toggle the Metronome (in the Control Room)… there are other places in the Generic Remote that can affect the Metronome, but that is the one that suits me best. If you don’t use the Control Room let me know, and I’ll see if I can post something that will work for you in that case :wink:.

(N.B. in the example case there, this is a “toggle” function, so you might need to manually switch the click on or off before you set Cubase into Play (otherwise, once every other time, it will do the exact opposite of what you were expecting… I’d have preferred a separate control for On and another for Off, but there you go :wink: ). Also note that (in the Key Editor, in the background, I have positioned the trigger notes one beat before the desired action on the metronome :wink: )

You might be interested to note, also, that the first line in both sections of that Generic Remote cause Cubase to Stop playing when it arrives at the appropriate MIDI note :wink:.
Generic Remote>Metronome.jpg
For info: in the screenshot, the “Address” column is in fact the note number (so, here, MIDI note #120, which is C8 :wink: )

Of course, a much simpler method would be to use a VST Instrument and play it from a MIDI/Instrument track, instead of using the actual metronome :wink:. [EDIT: like Prock said :wink: ]
Load that VST Instrument, go to Metronome Setup, and activate MIDI, and select that Instrument, then just automate Mute on that Instrument return. :wink:.

Thanks a lot both of you. Appreciate your assistance :smiley: