How to stop midi notes going silent when the notes overlap

I can delete the overlap but I dont want to. Is it possible to have the new midi note play without silencing the other midi note? I am using a piano vst and sometimes I need the whole note to play while anotyher overlapping note is played. Right now the new midi note silences the old one and I get an awkward silence.

Which vst are you using? It sounds like it’s not in polyphonic mode which would be turned on in the plugin and not Cubase.

Hello. I use Addictive keys and Grand Rhapsody piano by Waves. Neither of these have anything in the manual about polyphonic mode

Does this mean that I can’t play two midi notes one after the other without them going silent?

I don’t know those vst instruments so hard to comment. Any piano I play never cuts of notes that cross. Are there settings in the plugins?

Are these overlapping Notes on different Pitches or the same Pitch? Perhaps a screenshot of the Key Editor would be informative.

Try swapping in one of the Halion Pianos - does the problem still exist?

It happens on the same note. Look here

The 4 colors are the 4 different voices I use for scoring in 4 part polyphonic voicing. Look where some of the vocies overlap. I get a silence from my piano when the second note plays. So for example, the C#2 inn purple goes silent when the red one plays etc.

So it’s when 2 notes overlap on the same pitch, but not when they are on different pitches? I assume your voices are based on MIDI Channel Numbers in the Score Editor’s Polyphony Settings. If so, try changing the Track’s MIDI Channel setting in the Inspector from a number to “Any”

Exactly. On different pitches it doesnt happen. THe dropout is when one pitch plays “on top of” another one. In other words when the first note has not finished yet.
I have my Instrument track set to ANY as you can see here

but nothing changes, I am still getting a dropout on those midi notes when playing back my midi.

What else can I try?

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So the same note on the same instrument? Or are you showing different instruments in the same midi part?

Yes, same note, same instrument, same instrument track, same instance of instrument and my track is set to ANY as shown above.

any idea please?

This is exactly how a single real piano (or emulation) has to do. You can’t overlap same note, it’s unreal. At less you have two or more instruments.

OK. That makes sense. The problem I have is that it needs to be arranged like that because this is a 4 part harmony arrangement and I am just using the piano VST for playback so I can hear my arrangement. In a 4-part harmony arrangment there are times where voices double each other at the unison and I would like to hear the unison. Can you think of an easy workaround or do I literally have to use 4 piano VSTs just to play each melodic line? Ideally I would like to keep my entire arrangment in one midi part so I can’t change that. What do you think?

Right then it is working as expected. You need separate parts for each voice. That is how I would do it.

Or if you are using something like Halion or Kontakt load four instances of the instrument, one for each voice on Channels 1-4.

If I have a seperate midi part for each voice then I will 4 midi parts and have 4 staves in the score editor right? That is not what I want. I need all 4 voices on the same grand staff using polyphonic voicing. Is this possible using 4 midi parts?

Hmmm, maybe I could use Halion if nothing else works. But I do like the piano for this because I am most used to it. If I have 4 midi parts each with one line and one seperate VST instrument is it possible to score this on one grand staff in the score editor? If I open up 4 midi parts I usually get 4 staves in the score editor

3 possible options come to mind:

Multi-tibric VST instruments
(1 track ((MIDI or Instruments) - 4 channels - 4 sounds);

4 VST instruments
((multi-timbric or not)) 4 tracks - 4 sounds);

Midi Sends
(1 MIDI track ((ONLY MIDI TRACKS!!!)) - 4 VST instruments ((multi-timbric or not)) - 4 channels - 4 sounds).

I am familiar with the first 2 and option two might be the best one BUT will it allow me to score the 4 tracks into one score with polyphonic voicing. It doesnt help me having 4 tracks if I need a seperate stave for each voice. I want all 4 voices on the grand staff with polyphonic voicing and if I remember correctly, in Cubase scores opening 4 tracks will give me 4 staves so how do I get around this?