How to stop minimizing Cubase windows when moving back and forth with other programs

Hi, I just want to ask how other people are using Cubase with other programs.
Basically when I’m using Cubase, I’m also using other programs such as web browsers, a windows file explorer, 3rd party plugins that are run independently, and so on. They are usually on my 2nd display(dual monitors).
What bothers me is that when I move back and forth between these programs, all the windows(such as an instrument window or a key editor) in Cubase on my 1st display always minimizes itself so that I cannot look at Cubase and the other program simultaneously.

I want to know how to stop windows in Cubase from minimizing itself so that I can look at them and other programs at the same time. Is this somehow related to running Cubase as administrator or something? Thanks in advance.

Actually they are not minimizing (check the Windows Taskbar you won’t find a tab for them) they are totally vanishing. This is an artifact of setting a Window in Cubase to Always On Top. When a Cubase Window has that enabled it basically behaves like it is a sub-Window (this is not the correct jargon at all) of the Window that opened it. And those kinds of Windows are not displayed when the Program that they are running in loose focus. However if you disable Always On Top then the Window behaves like a normal Window - it will have a tab on the Taskbar and remain visible, although it might end up behind another Window.

So if say you want to keep a VSTi open and visible while you read its PDF manual, right+click at the top of the VSTi and disable Always On Top while you are reading.


This worked perfectly! Thanks to you, now I don’t have to move back and forth just to compare the instrument and the manual. Thanks, have a great day!