How to stop muted MIDI notes in halion sonic 1

hello there ,
I use a midi guitar (you rock guitar yrg1000) to play with halion sonic in the guitar/plucked category . In some of the presets , for example the “nylon +pad” preset lets you play the same notes over and over again just like a real guitar , but on some presets say “concert nylon” it only lets you play the note once and then when you try to play that note again it comes out as a muted string sound . is there any way to turn the mute off , I’ve tried in the expression maps but cant seem to find it , any help would be much appreciated

cheers for your time !!!

Not sure, but try shortening the release?

Sometimes, long note releases can confuse true legato settings.

ie. the release tail engages legato for the 2nd note (if notes slightly overlap), which is fine, but for 2 notes of same key, the 2nd note may be muted. Either shorten the first note if in an editor. Or if playing, manually shorten the release time setting so that fast triggering doesn’t cause tails to run into the successive note.