How to stop notes on one midi input


I’m in Cubase 5.
I’d like to stop midi notes on a particular midi input and let enter all the rest, like midi controler, pitch bend…

In the midi input transformer, you can’t choose any particular midi input and in the preference midi filter either. In the device manager, you can choose to put any entier midi input in ‘all midi input’ or not, but not filtering notes of a particular midi input.

Is there a way to do so ?


On the MIDI track, try the inspector button “input transformer” which is at the end of the row of buttons m / s /R /W
From the menu that appears after clicking select “Local”
This brings up the input transformer, which is similar to the Logical editor.
Set filter target to type condition = equal Parameter1 = note
At the bottom set function to filter.
This should stop notes being recorded on that track.
All sorts of things are all possible as transformations.
Hope this helps.

Make sure the Module tab (Module 1 for example) has the button set to on

Well… Difficult for me to explain in english…

I don’t want to filter notes on a specific midi track.

I’d like to filter notes on a specific midi input. The midi filter (in the preference window) could do this if it could work on a specific midi input. It works globaly -> same midi filter for all the midi inputs.

Same problem with the input transformer : you cannot apply it on a specific midi input and not apply it for all the other midi inputs.

I start to believe that it’s not possible in cubase 5.

YEs, you’d have to filter it out before it reaches Cubase (e.g. in MIDI Ox or similar).

Yes, I believe you’re right, there is nothing in Cubase 5 which could do the job…
Midi ox is nice but a bit heavy just for what I’d like to do.

I’m having the same problem but I don’t see the input transformer button located on the midi track. I’m using CE5 by the way.