How to stretch an entire project's audio to a new tempo?

I’ve seen musical mode but everytime I’ve done this for my existing audio files things have gotten weird, such as some of them getting slowed down or the ones that are crossfaded getting weird.

Is there a simple answer to this? How can I easily stretch all the audio in a project to a new tempo without any issues?

Thanks but I’ve done what he says in the video which is Audio → Advanced → Set Definition From Tempo. For some audio files it works ok. For some it slows them down completely. For some of them that are cut and separate, it will drag them together and I’ll have to cut them apart from the different lanes.
I think the most frustrating part of this is the slowing down of certain phrases. And also the dialogue that pops up in the “Set definition from tempo” window that says I have 120 conflicting audio events that will be bounced. Something about that doesn’t seem right either.

Might I suggest @raino 's excellent post here?

That aside, I think it would be safer if you just stretched the whole mix to the new tempo, after export, instead of trying to do this to all the bits and pieces of audio events. There’s also an issue that when you record in a loop, the audio files might get a wrong tempo definition. (again, thanks raino) In that case, have a look in the pool and see if something’s wrong. But, I’d still stretch the whole file. I don’t know, it seems easier to me.

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After making myself insane trying to stretch individual files after setting musical mode, I settled on stretching the whole exported project file. It was only a few BPM so no big deal either way. Thanks for the link though.

I don’t understand why this needs to be so complicated. Is this limited to Cubase? Seems like it should be extremely straightforward…

This occurs when you are processing multiple Audio Events which are based on the same underlying Audio file and a change on one Event might mess up the other Events.

I recommend that whenever you’ve got a bunch of chopped up Audio that you want to time-stretch to always use Render In Place beforehand. That gives you a nice clean file that’s not being used elsewhere. Which really cuts down on problems

Also if your Project uses a constant Tempo throughout the piece you really don’t need to use
Set Definition From Tempo to time-stretch. As long as A) the Audio File’s Tempo is correctly set in the Pool (super important) B) the Audio File is set to Musical Mode & C) the Track is set to Musical Timebase - it should work.

Setting the Definition is really there to deal with Audio that changes Tempo over the course of the piece. Dom has a good video on the topic.