How to strip silent parts?

I have an ancient mp3 that has silent pauses every second or two, I’m trying to automatically delete all these pauses but so far Cubase is not cooperating. I went to Audio->Advanced->Detect silence… and that’s where I’m lost.

Steinberg help section on this is utterly useless. Just description of buttons and zero explanation on what they actually mean and how to use them.

I tweaked some settings, thresholds and all and it detected 400+ areas but clicking process does nothing. Audio is not getting changed.

There’s no “Reset settings” or “restore defaults” button in this menu, so I don’t even remember what the default ws… I guess I’m stuck with these meaningless settings for life.

Very frustrating, can somebody help?

Why did they even bother write this:

I think they wrote that because it is a step-by-step description of how to use the Detect Silence function :wink:

Here’s an animation of how it works following those same steps

Thank you.

I was hoping it’d glue the parts together automatically (wishful thinking).