How to succesfully import a Plugin into Cubase SX 2.2

Hi guys. Ive got an old version of Cubase SX. 2.2 I need to import a Reverb Vst I've downloaded from the net, but whatever I do, its not appearing in Cubase for me to utilize it? Can anyone explain the best way to do this? Thanks a lot

Unless you can´t tell us what you are talking about, follow the manual(s)

  1. Download and run the installer for the plugin
  2. Go to your plugins in SX2 inside of Cubase and re scan if needed
  3. You should then see your plugin, maybe in the OTHER category but it should show up as long as it is a VST version of the plugin
  4. IGNORE all the non-helpful pious responses you see here on this fine forum

Hi Shanabit. Thanks for your reply. How do I get Cubase to re-scan? Ive checked under Other, and its not there…

How about a link to this Reverb VST you are trying to use?

See…? :unamused:

  1. In Cubase, On the tabs at the top go to Devices\Plug In Information, click the UPDATE button and see if it is listed then after it re -scans.

  2. If not, Devices\Plug In Information click on the ADD tab beside where it says Shared VST plug- ins folder and ADD the shared VST plugins folder for your plugin. This is the location where your plugin you are trying to use installed itself. If the plugin is in fact NOT a VST plugin you are out of luck. DX plugins etc won’t work

  3. Im looking at 2.2.0. Build 39 here on my screen BTW

Thanks for getting back to me. Its this one:
Ive done what you said re the Devices/Plugin Information and it appears at the bottom sure enough. its not ticked on the left though. So I ticked that, clicked on effects on one of the tracks I want to add it to, and it appears there now, under Reverbs A and B, but when I select it. Nothing appears in the window? I dont understand what Im doing wrong. I installed it into Program Files (x86)/Steinberg/Cubase?VST Plugins

Did you see this fine print on this plugin

The majority of plugins hosted on Reverb run on both Mac and Windows operating systems. This plugin requires a 64-bit plugin host

I ask you this is SX2 a 64 bit host?

That said, I can get this to show up in Reaper and StudioOnePro here just fine

No luck in Cubase SX 2.2.039 here, I even added the directory , no luck. I tried copying the .dll file as well and got it to partially to show up in the plugins info like you. Im afraid you are SOL with this. Best to try another Reverb IMO

Thanks Shanabit. I`ll keep searching. Pity, I just wanted a simple basic one…