How to switch a clip envelope into post effects mode?

In the manual I search “signal flow in the audio montage”. Is says there is a “post-effects mode” where I can force clip envelope processing to happen after clip effect processing.

I cannot find anywhere how to switch to “post-effects mode” though. How do you do this?


Open your montage. Highlight any of the clips to make the “envelope” section active. )Mine is on the right side of the GUI with the fades and other things.)

In the envelope section there is a checkbox to make the Level/fade envelope happen after the inserted clip effects.

See screenshot:

Ok - this helped me, so thank you for that. It did however also lead me to discover what I believe is a bug in Wavelab. Here is why I couldn’t find the post-effects option:

When I highlight a clip, obviously there is the huge “focused clip” box off the the right - and yes, the envelope tab is there, along with everything you show in your picture - HOWEVER:

If you resize the entire “focused clip” box, and you make it smaller, the horizontal and vertical scroll bars within the box do not work correctly. Resizing will actually allow you to hide the vertical scroll bar!!! Because of this, I didn’t realize I could scroll down further within the envelope section… so I didn’t see anything regarding the envelope post-effects options… I looked there, and did not find it because the vertical scroll bar was hidden - which led me to believe there was nothing else in the box. Try to resize the “focused clip” box, and you will see what I mean. I can post a screenshot if necessary.


I think a screenshot or short video would help. I noticed that when I went to check this, that the envelope section doesn’t become active until you actually select a clip in the montage. It defaults to being grey even though so options are not relevant to a clip being selected at the moment.

There could also be some other minor issues.

I’m on Mac which I believe has a setting that automatically hides scroll bars unless you are actively scrolling or have the mouse cursor near where the scroll bar would normally be. Then it appears. Also, in my layout the window is so tall that no scrolling is needed.

Because of those things it could be hard for me to reproduce your concern without seeing the layout and using Windows 7 specifically.

I get the same thing here on Windows. It does seem to be a problem. If you resize the focused clip box to minimum horizontal size, the scrollbar disappears on the Envelope tab only. Scrollbars on the other tabs seem ok.