How to switch BPM speed on a project...

Hi, so I’m working on a cover song, and I know that you can change the tempo of the song, BPM on the moveable bar.

But this song, It’s on 3/4 at 134bpm. But after 55 or 60 bars, the song switches to 120bpm for the rest of it.
So, I want to know if I can switch the tempo (BPM) at certain bars on my Project. You know, have 2 different BPM in one song? Is that possible on Cubase?

I’ve been thinking of it for a while, can I use polyrhythm on Cubase? you know, like 10 bars are in 4/4 then 2 bars are on 2/4 and then go back to 4/4 and so on. Is that possible without havin to record everything apart and then put it all together on a Mixdown? I hope somebody can help me out with this. Thanks for Reading.

Use a Tempo Track and a Time Signature track.
What version of Cubase do you have?

I have Cubase 8 LE AI Elements.

How do I do that?

I am not sure if Elements has them. Check your manual.

Probably not as track, but as editor.