How to switch from 64 bit to 32 bit

I’m trying to load my csr reverbs to my new computer and IK Multimedia tells me that I have to do it in 32 bit. I’m currently running in 64 bit. How do I switch??

You don’t need to switch, but you need a bit converter. Now, Cubase comes with such a device built-in and it’s called VSTBridge, but the truth is that it’s not very good. So, I suggest you get jBridge (it’s only $20 or so), which works much much better and it’s a lot more stable.

Windows version:
Mac version:

Not sure why they are saying you have to do it in 32bit.
All the CSR Verbs are (have been) 64 bit and are loaded into TRacks3 CS, which is free.

Mine work great.


Hello all,

could it be for backwards compatibility with older projects, perhaps?
If you have a project with the original CSR, but are now using CS, the instances won’t be loaded as they have different IDs.

If this is the case, the best way to go for the OP is to install T-RackS CS and use CSR 64bit for the new projects and use the “jBridged” version of the original CSR in the old projects (maybe it is worth to save some presets in case the bridged version can’t recall correctly… had this happening with a couple plugs in the past). Once finished with the “legacy stuff”, the bridged version(s) can be deleted.

I ran CSR with jBridge myself for almost two years, worked fine with pretty low additional overhead, I needed to tweak some options, though.


If you’re on a mac just right click the Cubase icon and go to the More Info tab.

Check the open in 32 bit square and thats it!

But yes like the others stated… you shouldnt not have to.