How to switch from Cubasis Android to Cubasis iPad?

Good afternoon.
I’m using Cubasis 3.5.2 on an Android tablet purchased from Google Play. All musical instruments and effects were also purchased in the Cubasis 3.5.2 application, an account was registered through Cubasis and linked to the application.
Can I use my Cubasis account on my iPad and activate all the features of the Cubasis iPad app the same way as on my Android tablet?
Or do I need to buy Cubasis and musical instruments with effects again for the iPad version?
Thank you.

Unfortunately this is not possible because Android and iOS are completely different operating systems, also there is a vast cost difference between the two Cubasis versions.

If I purchase the Cubasis app on my iPad and log into my Cubasis account, will the musical instruments and effects be unlocked?

Any instruments and fx units that you purchased to use inside Cubasis on Android won’t be available on your iPad because of the different operating systems, they are also limited in their capabilities compared to iOS versions, so unfortunately you will have to re-purchase them from the Apple App Store,

Will projects created in Cubasis on Android work in Cubasis on iPad?
Or will they also be incompatible?

This is the first time I have seen this question asked in this forum.
I read this forum every day (almost 3 years), there have been many users moving from Android to iOS Cubasis and as far as I know there have been no problems, perhaps these users can answer this question if you submit a new topic specifically with this question.
Sorry I could not help further.

Hi maks_w,
Please read my message above.

Hi @maks_w

Normally, Cubasis for Android projects should load and work fine in Cubasis for iOS.


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How to transfer a project to Cubasis iPad?

Hi maks_w,

  1. Open your Files app on your Android device.
  2. Search for the Cubasis folder,
  3. Search for the Projects folder, tap to open and choose the projects you want to import into Cubasis iOS, copy the project folders, save them to a usb memory stick using a suitable interface for your device.
  4. Connect usb stick to iPhone/iPad using a suitable interface.
  5. Open your Files app on your iPhone/iPad.
  6. Tap on Downloads on left side of screen and open the Projects folder on the usb memory drive.
  7. Tap SELECT (top of screen) Select the project or projects to be imported into Cubasis then tap the SHARE tab (bottom left), select COPY.
  8. Tap on My iPad and search for the Cubasis folder.
  9. Open this Cubasis folder, tap the Projects folder and hard press anywhere in this folder and select Paste.
    When the import is complete, launch Cubasis/Media (top left)/Projects and choose an imported project.
    All this looks complicated but it is quite easy as long as you have a usb interface that fits both Android and Apple devices.

I need a lie down now after all that :woozy_face:


You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:
I forgot to mention that you also need to also save your Presets folder that sits inside the MiniSampler folder, but that’s only if you have created your own presets :+1:

Thank you. But I haven’t used a minisampler yet.