how to switch from one eq preset to another

This has to be a really easy one…
but i can’t appear to find an easy way to do it

i want my stereo master track to flick from one EQ preset to another, so say at the end of bar 8 immediately as bar 9 starts

hope you can help

What eq?

Use two plugins (studio EQ?) and switch between them


Automate the EQ.

just use automation !

the only way i’m able to do this is to hit play then quickly load the preset and it will write/read automate in the changes, i was hoping that you could put the cursor to the designated point of change then load a lot of changes to the stereo output track (by loading various presets) and then when it crosses that point they switch to the various changes.

I have tried manual writing however it just appears to do it one parameter at a time.

please help

I don’t think you can automate the presets.

As I said, either use plugin EQ’s on the inserts and automate the bypass, or use the inbuilt eq and automate the parameters you need to change.

okay thanks for your help; i’ve saved presets and would like to jump around them on the timeline however it is gonna be time consuming to write them in as they are all different. FYI i’m just using the in built EQ’s i’ll have a look at the plug in route.

pain about the lack of preset automation

Make the first setting “A” and the second one “B”. The A/B function can be automated.

i.m sure i tried that, will try again and get back to you thanks for the info

can you explain how to do this? i’m struggling

You need to use Cubase more, just dive in and test things. Automation is available for almost every parameter.

Load your preset #1. Toggle the A/B switch in the plugin header from A to B. Do your settings for B (maybe load another plugin instance, recall the desired preset and set the first instance to that settings manually - loading a preset in the first instance will overwrite A and B). Remove the second instance.
Once A/B reflect the settings you desire, activate the Write button and toggle from A to B right on spot.

You can also bypass the first instance and switch the second one from bypass to on. Should be the same result but depending on the plugin that can produce little side noises.