How to switch inputs on audio tracks instantaneously

Hi guys,
I need a way to get a live mic input to immediately switch from one input to another within Cubase. I want to use the Axiom Pro to somehow trigger this process. I am imagining the idea config to be a toggle (eg. Track 1 assigned to an Stereo In Left that has no mic/instrument plugged into it, track 2 assigned to mic’d up Stereo In Right, then this toggle would switch the inputs between the two). The idea is this:

I want to be able to bring in an effect, like an echo, onto a vocalist, then allow that echo effect to resolve naturally while the vocalist can continue to sing without echo. Another example is I would like a chorus of a song to be drenched in reverb for the vocalist, and then as soon as we come into the verse, I would like a very dry signal to come in for the vocalist without abruptly cutting off the reverb tail of the chorus. Is there a way I can do this with a quick keystroke/command/slide/knob turn through Cubase? I’m hoping not to have to buy a piece of A/B hardware for inputs.

In case it helps, I’m using an RME Multiface, with a Presonus Digimax via ADAT, a Behringer FCB1010, an Octapad 8, and a Kurzweil K2500s via MIDI.

I see another possible way to do this, but don’t know how: Track Monitor. If I can toggle each individual track’s Monitor settings with shortcuts I can Monitor Enable a mic track with a reverb setting, then Monitor Disable that track and Monitor Enable the dry track. The problem now is I can only assign a hotkey to just Monitor, and that hotkey will only toggle the currently selected track. Is there a way to change the Monitor settings without selecting that track first?

Well… Hm, it seems you have a complicated way of looking at the Cubase mixer. Stop it.

Open up your Cubase mixer, tell it to send your single input to however many channels you want. You can select channel one on your input device and have it sent to as many channels as you want. Did you know this? It’s just a routing process within the mixer.

So, from there, you can load each channel for whatever process you want - all channels receiving channel 1’s input and running simultaneously - and drop or raise your faders as needed to create your mix.