How to switch mono audio tracks to stereo

I don’t know how that happened, but half of my stereo audio tracks in my current project suddenly became mono. I never work with mono, I render all my VSTi the same way, and they were all rendered to stereo (I don’t even know how it is possible to render a stereo VSTI into a stereo file that is put into a mono track, makes no sense). I wonder if I clicked on something, I’d like to know how to click it back to stereo.

Initially there were just a few tracks in mono (which I tried to workaround by creating new stereo audio tracks and moving files to) but seems the mono virus spread over the project and now half of tracks are mono for some reason.

Make sure they are routed to a stereo bus and not a mono bus.

Thank you. A couple of (newly created) groups were set as mono->stereo. Didn’t notice it when I was creating them.