How to switch MPE off.

Does anyone know please? Mdrummer requires this apparently, are there any consequences if MPE is turned off?

thank you, Kevin

from what I have learned MPE is for instruments like Roli. MPE control multiple parameters like pitch bend, vibrato, timbre etc of every single note separately when using MPE-compatible software. MPE allows each note to have its own MIDI channel so that those parameters can operate independently per note. Normally pitch bend etc are applied to all notes on a single channel.

I don’t think you need to turn it off unless you have such a controller that supports MPE. I have a friend with a Roli, he can set MPE mode, it was under the device setup in Studio Setup. I only have a Nektar controller connected and I have no options for those settings he had.

The problem is I’ve been told that in order to use Mdrummer I need to turn it off…

what makes you think MPE is on? what I was trying to say is that as long as you don’t have an MPE compatible controller I don’t think it will be an issue. Check the Cubase manual page 910

How about a link where this info is located? I have about 6 drum VSTi’s here and NONE require that MPE be turned off so that must be a new thing. No where in Cubase to do that that I can see. If your controller is not transmitting that data then there should not be an issue. What e kit are you using or controller?

It’s just that someone on the Meldaproduction site said I need to turn MPE off, I don’t know if it’s on or off, or even where it is…I also have a lot of drum VST’s and have never had the MPE issue, maybe the problem has nothing to do with MPE, I just thought I’d have a go at turning it off after the suggestion from the person on the Melda site…it’s beginning to look as though they are wrong regarding the MPE…
I don’t have and e-kit I only use an M-Audio Keystaion 88.

thank you for your replies…

  1. UNLESS your M-Audio Keystation is transmitting MPE then you have ZERO issue here. Im guessing it doesn’t even have MPE.

  2. I have EZ2, SD3, AD2, SSD5, BFD3 and I NEVER have to worry about anything MPE using a keyboard or my e kit

  3. Im thinking the guy on the forum has no clue what he is talking about

I reckon your probably right my friend…Mdrummer is a strange beast, really clever but over complicated for my tiny tech brain…LOL