How to switch the direct routing?

Hello there.

I am setting up one more direct routing, but I am not figuring out how to switch all of them together, I found I can only click each of them manually.

In the manual, it seems to switch them by automation?
I don’t think this is what I need.

Say I build a project with 3 set of mixing purpos: Atmos, stereo, mono.

Thanks in advance.

Depending on win/mac this a ctrl click or cmd click or shift. Not sure from memory.

click at where?

it’s shift click on Mac on the other direct routing destination (9.1.6 in this example) . see screenshot

Thank you, mate.
And I think I mis-described my quest.

The word “together” means all tracks activate slot 1 or 2 or 3, so that I can have the project switch to 3 set of routing.

I am not sure whether the direct routing is for doing this job.

Activate the red or blue slot not by clicking each track, but one operation like selecting which slot (red 1 or blue 2).

Sorry i misread. You want to do 3 versions of a mix: atmos + 2 downmixes (stereo and mono), right?
You can many ways to achieve this.

  1. Setup a template your own routing and do separate mixes (takes more time).
  2. Setup a template that downmixes.
  3. Let Dolby Atmos renderer do it for you (3 separate renders/bounces).

Read a bit in the forum because there many pros and cons and many many options….

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Thank you for your helpful advice, mate.

I was under the impression that direct routing would suit my needs, but based on your reply, it seems that I was mistaken. I’ll put aside direct routing for this project for now.
I think what I need to do is to build a Dolby Atmos full configuration, and route all the “things for true stereo” to an additional stereo final mix bus. Anything that is different from the Atmos Mix will have a “send” to this True Stereo mix bus, and I can monitor or export this bus by soloing it and choosing it in the export page.