How to switch the temporarily Object Selection tool from Draw to zoom when you hoy Alt/Option

Hey People of Steinber Cubase Forums. I need your help, Does anyone knows how to switch the temporarily Object Selection tool from Draw to zoom?. When you hold Alt/Option in your keyboard the tool change to draw by default and I would like that change to zoom because it would be perfect to edit and mix in long sessions.

Thanks for the help if is possible.

I am pretty sure that the split tool is fixed when editing a part with the object selection tool while holding down alt/option. If you hold down control/command instead you can zoom horizontally using the mouse scroll wheel without switching to the zoom tool.

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Thank you so much. Yes, I know all the features to zoom in/out and is good but I miss the way you can hold alt and select an square to zoom vertically and horizontally like in Logic pro X. That’s why my question about how to change it. I found someone in Reddit who may be can help me to activate the feature trough a script code, Do you know if is it advisable?

I miss the exact same thing. I’m a long time Logic user who made the switch to Cubase and if there is one feature I really really miss it is this simple little ability to toggle between the Selection and zoom tools! How did the script work out for you?

TBH I ended up assigning the zoom tool to “z” and the Object Selection Tool to Shift+Z… it isn’t the same but close enough