how to sync 03D faders to Cubase faders ?

I’ve setup my Yamaha 03D via Generic Remote so that I can control the faders in Cubase from the 03D. Works fine.
But I can’t figure out how to make it work the other way around - e.g. get the faders in Cubase to move the faders in 03D.
I would like them to syncronize so if I move a fader in Cubase the corresponding fader moves in 03D - and vice versa. So that the faders always are at the same place.
But maybe this would create a loop ? - unless it’s possible to have the 03D send controller data only when recording a mix and Cubase faders only sending controller data when playback’ing ?
TIA for any help :slight_smile:

hi, remember to setup both MIDI input and MIDI output to the right port in the Generic Remote page in Device setup menu, then, on the 03D on the MIDI setup page activate the control Change transmit and recieve (maybe called TX and RX). This works for me on the AW4416. hj

Tnx hj,
I have it this way but I had forgotten to set the right midi channel on the 03D. It seems like it has to be channel 1 both ways.
The faders move now in sync when I move them by hand, but when running the mix the 03D faders move too little and too slow.
Any way to calibrate or do something else ?

Hi, i wouldnt know that, i remember though, theres a calibration for the faders on the 03d, but i cant imagine that would change anything for the generic remote behavior. Theres some settings in the generic remote menu you can try to make pan and solo buttons to sync with cubase as well. The faders should, if i remember correctly, have zero dB on the 03d mixer equals zero dB on the cubase mixer