Hello everyone!
The first thank you very much to anyone who can help me.
Buy 8 for Cubase Artist learn in my home studio, I do covers of the song canciones.Importo the project in Cubase to be in front all parts of the song.
But there is one thing not to do.
How to synchronize the audio file to match perfectly with the grid and the project in Cubase metronome?
I have tried in many ways and I have not got, I’ve seen many tutorials on youtube but I find tools like (Time Warp) in Cubase Artist 8 :frowning: … I think this tool is only in the Cubase Pro. .
You know, if there are some tools in Cubase Artist 8 for perfectly match the beats and BPM of the metronome audio file and screen project?
Please help me … I find it incredible that does not have Cubase Artist 8 a tool to do so.
Thank you very much and see if someone can help me.
Thank you very much really!
Greetings and hugs! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

Every Audio event could be in Musical or Linear Mode. You can switch the Mode in the Info Line after selecting the event, or in Pool - “Musical” column.

If the Audio event is in the Musical Mode, then it follows Cubase tempo, even if you change it. This is your case, enable Musical Mode od the Audio event.