How to sync Pro Tools & Cubase??

I am running windows 10, Cubase 9.5 & Pro Tools 12. I only have 1 computer. How can I sync Pro Tools & cubase. What I want to do is, Have cubase as the Master for midi / sequencing and use pro tools as a slave for video… Yes, I know you can host video on cubase. I want to you use pro tools for video? How can I sync them? Thank you


Is there a specific reason you want Pro Tools to slave to Cubase other than just hosting the video? If there isn’t, I highly recommend not using this setup. Cubase and Pro Tools don’t interact well concerning syncing just for video playback. Pro Tools will slave to Cubase via MTC, but it doesn’t work with MMC which is what you’d need for incremental adjustments (ie, stepping one frame at a time). You’d be much better off just keeping the video in Cubase. Or, if you can afford it, there is an application called Video Slave by Non Lethal Applications which runs perfectly with Cubase.

If you DO need pro tools to slave to Cubase, let me know and I can walk you through the processes.

I work with film and music. Most film composers work this way. They use pro tools to host the video and later use it to bounce and work with audio. Cubase really excels at midi but not audio. Well, not like PT does.

Yes,please help me sync PT and Cubase. Thank you very much.

Please keep in mind that I am using 1 computer not 2 computers, so I will not be needing an eithernet cable. I have sync PT and Cubase via ethernet cables (2 computers host/slave) jut cant figure out how to sync them with 1 computer (for traveling purposes )

You probly just need a virtual midi port on the computer.
So you have a way of communication.

Yes, Reflection has this correct. You need a virtual midi driver like Loopbe1. Both programs can see the midi inputs and outputs. Then use MTC to sync PT to Cubase.

I use LoopBe1 for LAN connection (ethernet). So LoopBe1 should work?

Yes, although I didn’t realise that LoopBe1 did MIDI over LAN. It seems they have a product called ipMIDI which does that - is that what you are using?

I already figured it out. LoopBe1. Thanks

Hi, I wanted to know if you have been able to solve the synchronization problem. If so, I would like to know how you did it. Because I also want to use pro tools and Cubase together. Thank you

What syncro problem?

Hi Bender, can you work me through this process to sync pro tools and cubase?