How to tag a custom HALion patch

I’m making my first VST sound file using the Library Creator and I can’t figure out how to tag my patches. When I verify my patches it says I have no category set, no sub category set, no characters specified, and no author set. Where can I input this data when creating my patch…


HALion 6, Cubase 9.0.3, iMac 2.7 GHz, OSX 10.11, 16Gb RAM

Save the Program and a window will show up, allowing you to tag it.

You can also tag the presets directly in the preset browser in Cubase without resaving each patch, much faster, less hassle.

Ahh… got it… Thank You.

I was just making my patch and then exporting it as a vstpreset file. When I save my patch that way I don’t get the option to tag the patch.

Another question about tagging. Is there a way to copy one tag or set of tags from one patch to another patch? I find myself doing a lot of repetition.

Doug Michael

No, unfortunately not, I spent days of my life tagging my library presets…it’s robotic work but can also be seen as ZEN exercise :slight_smile:

But one way of saving some time is to make a template preset which is already tagged with the most important things, like author, library name and so forth. Then use that template as a starting point for all of your presets.

Thank you Simon - I was afraid of that… The template idea is a good one and I will do that. By the way, your video on the Halion wavetable explained is very good and informative.

Doug Michael

I want to

1.) Change the name of programs in a multi-program. Which works fine!
2.) Then I want to be able to press a button that saves the multi-program under existing multi-program file name. Not possible!! I have to find the name of the multi-program manually in the browser (good luck) and overwrite the existing file. Wouldn’t be such a hassle if:
3.) all my existing tags that I enter beforehand then disappear and all tags are reset to nothing.

Another bug: if you open a multi-program directly from Mediabay in Halion (not through the drop down under the Halion 6 logo), the name of the newly loaded multi-program doesn’t show up anywhere in Halion. Since you cannot just save it (automatically saving changes in the existing file name) you need to browse and find the filename manually again, click on it and overwrite it. Good luck doing that, if you do not know the name of the multi-program because Halion doesn’t display it anywhere. What makes matters worse: If you finally managed to save the multi-program and re-load it (again through mediabay in Halion), all the programs within the multi-program are then doubled, trippled aso.

I really wish Steinberg would improve the media bay, since mass tagging and searching has its issues, but I gave up posting bug reports because no one seems to care. I guess 99% of users just use it to load presets. Otherwise I find it hard to believe why these bugs keep migrating to newer versions of Cubase.

Hi avviano,
if you overwrite a preset (program, multi-program, zone-preset, fx preset, …) with a preset with different settings, then you will overwrite all your previously made settings and that is of course valid for the tags too. This is the desired behaviour.
best regards

Thanks for your response! Could you please let me know how I can “save” a multi-program without overwriting it? Lets say I have an existing multi-program, I change the name in a program and then want to save the whole multi-program, while keeping the existing tags in my multi-program alive?

How would I do that, because I couldn’t find it in the manual?

How can I save a multi-program WITHOUT overwriting it?

Thanks, I appreciate your help!

Hi avviano,
well, actually you only have to select the preset you want to rewrite on the left side of the save dialog to recall the tag settings so that they won’t be overwritten

Your report caught my attention that this is quite easy as long as you have to deal with only a few presets. With lots of presets this is another story and folders aren’t of any help here because you have to know exactly where the preset you want to modify is located, otherwise you will produce even duplicates in the mediabay, which is of course not desired at all.
I will try to convince my team to improve the current behaviour in one the next larger updates.

best regards

Thanks a lot for taking the time to guide me through this, I will definitely check it out!