How to Tie Notes in Score Editor ? SOLVED


I can’t find a way to tie notes in the score editor.
Can this be done, and how?


Simply Glue them together :wink:.

I did.
And found a lot of properties and possibilities
I found ways to affoid ties.
I can’t find the way to make them in the score editor.


The Glue works fine

thought I would share something I found out while struggling with this and finding this post:

if you are trying to tie notes across two bars (so the played note is held longer than one bar) then click on the leading note of the group that you wish to tie with the glue tool, will do it.

I was finding that clicking on any other note, or selecting all of them then gluing, just seemed to tie the bars after the ones which I wanted tied. anyway clicking on the first note with the glue tool, not all the selected notes, worked for me.

The glue tool simply joins two adjacent notes of the same pitch, when you click on the earlier note. It’s that simple.

Then, the Score editor displays the note(s) according to the quantize value specified in Staff Settings or by the Display Quantize tool.

Every use of the glue tool does that, same bar, different bar. selected or not.