How to toggle On the bar that has: Name, Start, End, Length

How to toggle On the bar that has: “Name, Start, End, Length, Offset, Mute, Lock, Transpose, Global Transpose, Velocity and Root Key” on Cubase 8?

I’m using Cubase 7.5 and have upgraded to Cubase Artist 8 and wanted to use it but with the use of that bar.



Not sure I understand…
Are you saying that the Info Line ('cos that is what it is called :wink: ) is missing?
At the left of the Extended Toolbar there is an icon that looks a bit like this…
When you click on it, you can choose to show/hide Status Line, Info Line, Overview Line, as well as the Inspector (on the left) and Racks (on the right).

Thanks, you answered the question I’ve made.
It’s exactly as you say, thank you