How to totally mute audio of VST instrument while recording


I have Superior Drummer as VST instrument. I can record midi with it from my Roland TD-12 V-Drums.

But for performance and latency issues, I find it best to list to Roland TD-12 native sounds while recording / playing the kit. No latency you know…

From this excellent Sweetwater´s superior drummer youtube video´s comments I got a answer like this:
"You can achieve this by bypassing the output of your Superior Drummer channel in your DAW. How to do this exactly will vary depending on what DAW you use. "

So Cubase forum, please can you tell me how to do this? I need a way to mute it also CPU wise, so I want to record only the midi and not process audio at all while recording. What is the best way to achive this?



Mute the Audio Return Channel in the MixConsole. If you use a basic Instrument track with the only one output, Mute the Instrument Track in the MixConsole.