How to transfer a sample drive?

I am upgrading my current HHD drive (F) to an M.2 drive (Y). The drives are installed. I am not sure how to make windows “think” that my new drive ‘is’ the old drive.
If I just transfer the sample folders across (easy to do), then all my libraries - from different manufacturers, will loose their location paths.

How is this done please?


Done it. For Future users. Win 10.

Clone the old sample drive to the new one. I used free Macrium Reflect.

Go to disk management and assign the old drive letter to the new drive (right click on drive)

I had trouble with this step “incorrect parameter” until I… Shut down, removed a cable from the old sample drive, restarted, went to disk management and assigned the letter that Cubase was accustomed to.

I then replugged in the old sample drive and Windows renamed it for me with a new drive letter.

After the new drive recieves the letter of the old sample drive you should be good to go.