How to transfer Dorico project to Finale?

Hi everyone. So I am trying to transfer a finished dorico project to finale. The problem I am having is I have quite a bit of rhythmic notation, and it does not carry over to finale. I am using forico 1, so would this be fixed if I upgrade to dorico 2? The rhythmic notation shows up as individual notes on finale. please help! :unamused:

Dorico Pro 3 would do a better job than Dorico 1, but whether it would be good enough for your taste is an open question. There is still work to be done on Dorico XML export, and different XML standards in every publisher’s implementation raise questions how close to perfect the process will ever be.

As Derrek says… but if you post a picture of the notation you have problems with (or a (zipped) dorico file with same) it would be easier to provide a more useful answer…

I’m not sure why you need to port a finished Dorico project to Finale but, as Derrek said, updating to Dorico 3 would be advisable. Not only would the xml export be better but you might even decide you don’t need to transfer the project at all, with Dorico 3’s considerable improvements and new features. Anyway, I’m not sure what you mean ‘shows up as individual notes in Finale’. Do you mean the beams 8ths and shorter values? If so, Finale has a Rebeam function which should take care of that.

The reason why I need to transfer it to finale is because am writing an arrangement for class, and the professor wants the project as a finale final. i figured that it would be no problem to transfer, but here we are. if i upgrade to dorico 3, will the rhytmic notation show up in finale and not just as singular notes?

I tried sending a Dorico file to Finale via XML, and it worked pretty well; but being a Dorico orchestral file, every instrument was alone on its own staff. If I had to send a piano score over, I would expect the result to be far more complicated. The very simple Harp and Celesta parts of my arrangement caused problems, and the placement of dynamics needed adjustment in the Finale score.

As Vaughan said, I don’t know what you mean by this, but it should be possible to sort this out in Finale.

Slash regions are not currently exported in MusicXML files, so you would still need to open your MusicXML file in Finale after exporting it and put those slash regions back in place.