How to transfer HUGE NUMBER of projects from one drive to another?

I am trying to transfer my entire catalog from decades of work from one drive to another on my PC. After researching this and talking to support, I understand there is NO way to do this expect by manually using the backup feature or manually re-locating each and every file in each project after I copy the file folders. I was told the devs monitor and moderate this forum. My plea: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE create a way to automatically/batch move multiple files to different file locations. Or, in the cpr format, could not the file/asset references be relative (to the file folder and not the specific drive path) so that this problem doesn’t even exist? Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Just do it in windows. Should be fairly easy if you are doing the full lot.

What exactly are you seeing?

When you open the project after it’s been moved,. you will be prompted to update the project working directory. Once done, all is good.

As @mkok You can simply use Windows File Explorer to copy the Cubase projects directory to the new drive. As long as the relative filepaths remain the same, there would be no problem.

Be careful not to make a simple thing complex…

I don’t think this is entirely correct. I’ve done some work at home and have simply copied content over to a new drive and taken that to a different computer with a different OS and the only thing I had to ‘find’ was a video file. And then moving back only meant copying over new files into the home computer audio files folder, as well as the project file. No need to find those audio files again.

On a more general note however I’m not entirely sure how the developers would make this work. Pretty much all content creation software will have a sort of abstract layer of referencing content on various drives and the pointers to where the files live are in the respective project files. So those files would have to be read somehow and right now it’s done by us by opening them etc. Off the top of my head I suppose perhaps they could create some sort of batch migration app that launches the “core” of Cubase/Nuendo and then loads/prepares archive/copies items for you, but that of course would be pretty time consuming.

Actually, come to think of it, you might be able to find some third party software that could for example trigger key commands with timed pauses so that you execute each migration automatically instead of you clicking the software could do it. Of course it only works as long as everything loads correctly.

Just to be clear, for the OP and future visitors, the path to media files is saved in the project, so if the case is to simply move the dirs to a different drive will suffice, assuming all is well with those projects.

I would not want the sequencer to do more file and disk duties than it does for its own functions – to me it’s a recipe for, well maybe not disaster, but possibly for indigestion.

Agreed. Part of anything on windows, music, office etc you need to make sure all your referenced files are within the project folder. It’s just good housekeeping.