How to transfer Reverence user iR and presets to other DAW?

i need to use my reverence presets with user impulses with my other computer DAW.
how can i do that, so reverence in my other DAW reads the “user” impulse responses and its presets (not just importing the IR)

Hello mozizo,

there are two things you need:

  • the user presets, which are in C:\Users\mozizo\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies
    on Windows, if your user name is mozizo and you system partition is on c. Please copy them to the new computer to the same location. Replace mozizo, if your user name is different there.
  • copy the user or imported impulse responses to any location on the new computer, could be an external drive or network location, as well. But please make sure, that the internal folder structure where the files came from is preserved.

When you open your presets or projects on the new location, REVerence asks you to relocate your impulse responses. You have to save the new presets/projects then to avoid being asked again the next time.

Hope that helps.


ill try it.
thanks for the detailed explanation :sunglasses: