How to transpose a song in Dorico

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but I have a song transcription in Dorico - piano, Vocal, Chord Symbols in D Major that I need to transpose to F Major. I can’t seem to find a “Transpose” option. I resorted to doing a select all, shift+Alt+ up arrow to get the notes to the right pitches, then shift + K to change the key signature. I was unable, however, to find a way to get the chord symbols to transpose, even after selecting and filtering on Chord Symbols. I still havent figured that one out.

Surely I’m missing something obvious, and there’s an easy way to transpose the whole piece in a single step? If someone could set me straight, I’d really appreciate it!

Thanks very much!

Transpose is in the Write mode’s menu, in the top bar.

Thanks very much! I don’t know how I missed it.