How to transpose audio files?

I did this before but I obviously forgot. I would like to change the pitch of an mp3 file. E.g. 3 half tone steps down. Thanx for any advice!


Aloha A,
The simplest way would be to:

1-Import the mp3 file into Cubase and select that track.
2-then go to: Audio—>Process—>Pitch Shift.

This WILL work but depending on the original content; the results of:
‘3 half tone steps down’ might be a lil ‘iffy’

you can do this using ‘Vari-Audio’
but not sure if the results would be any better.

Good Luck!

Thanx. But in my Elements 7 I do not have “Pitch Shift” under “Process” in the “Audio” section. There are 14 options starting with “Envelope” and ending with "Time Stretch. I also checked the manual and could not find it. However, there is “Resample” which gives the option to slow down and speed up WITH also changing the Pitch. But it gives you percentage to select from and one would have to try until one could find how much percent is e.g. 3 half tone steps down.

I would have given up and thought I dreamed it if I would not have my old files where I changed the pitch in half tone steps. And I recall having typed into a window to e.g. transpose 1 half tone down.


Don’t know if Elements has that feature but a good place to look is the info line. Be sure it’s visible and you see the transpotion field (if you don’t rearrange the order of elements in the infoline via the corresponing menu).

That worked perfect with the info line. I put in “-3” and it turned down 3 half tone steps.