How to transpose half-step

Hi everyone. I really don’t understand the system here… Can please anyone explain me how to transpose a whole arrangement a half-step down or up?
Why can’t I chose “minor second”?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Use the calculator. Set your old key, then your new key, then click Apply or whatever it is.

…and if there are key changes within your flow, select and transpose a section at a time (one keyed section at a time).

There’s a quirk in the dialog (because the default interval is unison and you can’t have a minor unison).

So select the Interval first, then the allowable Qualities will change and you will be able to choose minor.

(But as @dan_kreider says - it’s simpler to use the interval calculator section)

Thank you for the quick reply!
For me it seems quite unintuitive, but now I know. :pray:t2:

The ‘unintuitive’ complaint is generally frowned upon here. But in this instance I think it is appropriate. I wonder if anyone would object to the order of the dialog being reversed, even if that looked counterintuitive!


See this discussion of that from last year, including Daniel’s reply.