How to transpose notes up and down using the keyboard inside the score editor?

Hi there, I’m relatively new to Cubase (coming over from Logic, though I have experience with Dorico). I like to use the score editor sometimes over the piano roll, especially when comparing parts to see what my harmony is doing. That said, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to tranpose notes up or down using the keyboard. In the piano roll / key editor, you just hit the up and down arrow keys to transpose by semitone, or shift+up/down arrow to transpose by an octave.

However in the score editor, the up/down arrows do nothing. Yet shift+up/down still works fine, transposing by an octave. You can use the keyboard arrow left/right keys to select notes horizontally, but up/down appears to have no effect. I tried other modifier key combinations which did nothing either. I also checked the key command list and did some googling and I can’t really find anything on this.


ctrl-up and down are the defaults