How to transpose the written pitch of all instrument in a project?

Hello, is the correct way to transpose the written pitch the following : Players → Instruments → Edit instr. definition → Transpose

And is it possible to transpose multiple instruments at the same time ?

If you want to transpose the music into a different key altogether, see here:

Are you trying to transpose all instruments or just some?

I want to transpose everything from G#m (the original key of the track) to Dm
But I want the transposition to be strictly visual, I still want to “hear” the playback play the track in the original key (G#m)

In musescore, the trick I used was to make all instruments “like they were transposed instruments” so that I can see the notes transposed but hear them untouched

Ah ok. I can’t help sorry! lol

If there’s not too many instruments you could change their playback transposition in Play mode but not all at the same time.

So all of the instruments are effectively transposing instruments in F sharp?

In Dorico Pro 5 you can edit the transpositions of your instruments via Library > Instruments and then view the score in transposed pitch.

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