How to turn off "div." labeling on every system

The “div.” label seems to appear on the start of every system when a string section is under divisi (when it is condensed). How to turn off this behavior? Once it has appeared, it is not necessary to appear on every system after that. It would be such a pain to hide every one of them in Engrave mode. Thanks.

At the moment, there’s no way to turn off only those repetitions; you can turn them off altogether by deactivating ‘Show divisi change labels above staves’ on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options.

Thanks Daniel. I hope in the future it could be implemented (to make this already fantastic feature more complete). Turning off such an option does not seem to require a lot of code, at least to me.

I was precisely looking for the very same feature.
Has it been implemented since then?

I would like to be able to hide “a2” the same way…


I often hide the “a2” indications and have found the most efficient way is to create a custom keyboard shortcut to hide Player Labels. You still have to select each one and hide, but it’s faster than having to use the switch in the properties panel.


Thank you for this workaround :slight_smile:
It will do the trick until this feature is implemented (soon I hope!)

This is what I added to the key commands json file:

"UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kCondensationLabelHide&Value=null: " : [ “Meta+Ctrl+Alt+H” ]