How to turn off monitoring?

Hello all!

I dont know if this is a Cubase-question, or a hardware question, but I just need to ask.

Im using Cubase 11 Pro to record drums. I´ve recently had a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 and a Focusrite Octapre mk2, but just upgraded to Focusrite Scralett 18i20 and a Focusrite Octapre.

My issue, is that I can hear my drums in my headphones, and I dont want that. Before I could just select the “Monitor”-button in cubase, on the track to select what track/drum I wanted in my headphones, but this does not work. I got my drums monitored all the time.

The Focusrite Control-software is completely new for me as well. But I`ve tried looking around but I cant figure this out.

Anyone familiar with this problem or hardware?

Thanks for any replies!

(Cubase 11 Pro, Windows 10)

Sounds like you have direct monitoring enabled. This means you are monitoring from the interface and not through Cubase. You can enable direct monitoring in Cubase if your interface supports that integration under studio. If not then there will be a way on you interface software but I don’t know your interface so try the software manual if no one else comes up with anything

Hi Tama! Open the Focusrite Mixer - Then under the Output Routing Tab you mute all the analogue channels 1-8. If it show muted untick all and mute them again and the problem should be solved. I had this problem aswell when i started to record guitar/bass thru my Focusrite Scarlett 18i20.