How to turn off VST Connect SE

Yesterday I just tried activating VST Connect SE because I may be using it for a recording session.
But now the camera (iMac) is on all the time. As well, I think it’s sapping my cpu power.
How can I turn off VST Connect? It seems that there is no way to do it.
Anybody have ideas?
Thanks, Jeff

I can’t remember where all the vstconnect components are, so first, go into to C8 app itself, look in the Components folder for anything with vstconnect in its name and move the file(s) out to somewhere else retrievable and safe. Doublecheck and move anything vstconnect in the Application Support/Steinberg/Components folder and do the same thing in the Audio/Plug-ins/VST3 folder. Doing this will keep vstconnect from ever influencing the program until you put the files back or if you upgrade. And it won’t screw anything else up.