How to turn your loops/sketches into finished tracks.. (in Cubase, of course)

I wrote a lengthy article here to help people create finished music tracks. As a very long term Cubase user I show how I ensure my musical ideas end up as full length music tracks, every time… with an actual completed track I produced in Cubase. (8 mins duration in this case). It is a 20mins read, quite short compared with how long we would spend on producing musical ideas and loops/sketches. So grab a tea or coffee when you have a little time and check out the suggestions…

Suggestions on how to turn “hard drive loops” into completed music tracks

Feel free to share online/social media for other musicians and producers who might be in need to a helpful nudge in the right direction. I hope it helps you out.

(I produced this track which was used as a basis for the text, along with many years of making tracks in Cubase, on a very old but capable and stable machine - i7 2600 (2011) 16GB - In total a 163 track Cubase project with a RME 9632 installed.)


Thank you. I will be sure to read this as soon I get home.

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No worries, worth a bookmark.