How to type music notes as many as possible without the restriction for time signature

Hi, When I click “create New” and select “Solo piano”.
It is always default with C major with time signature 4/4.
Is there a way to just start with blank page only with Treble and Bass clef?
Thank you.

Interesting. When I do this I end up with…

If you do end up with a time signature, just type shift-M open and it will disappear.
But note. You will not be able to record into this. Dorico requires space for that.

In which step you will type Shift +M?
Somehow, it doesn’t works for me…no thing pops up…

this is the default I have after click “create new”, then select “piano solo”, then click “create project”

In Write mode, select the rest after the clef then type shift-M.

Or select the 4/4 and type shift-m

  1. In the Hub, you can un-check the boxes for time and key signatures if you want none.
  2. To create a meter or key sig with a popup, you have to select something first so Dorico knows where to put it. If you create it using the panel on the right, you can click it into place.

Probably so if one chooses Create New and then chooses the Solo Piano Template. But if one creates a new (empty) document and then adds a piano solo, one would probably see what Janus does.

Yes, I think the difference here is going via the Hub vs starting a new project from scratch.

Your exact desire @Kal_W is described in detail in the First Steps guide, by happy coincidence: