How to undo some audio edits done before?

Hi there,

I have editted some audio clips in Cubase Pro 10 using the “Audio Alignment Panel” tool. Now I want to do undo some of the edits I did a few days ago.

When I select the clip(s) and click F7 I have opened the Offline Processing form, but, it is empty. I can find the clip in the Pool, but, I have no idea where to undo that specific edit done sometime ago last week?

I thought you could undo any edit/processing in Cubase Pro 10?

Am I missing some, is not possible, or, is it possible, but do I oversee soemthing?

Thank you for your input!



Unfortunately the edit history is not saved with the project so you can’t undo these after reopening the project. You can however go back to a previously saved version and copy the track/part back into your latest version. Or open a backup copy that might contain your version before the edits where made?

Thank you for your answer.

That is a pitty. I did a lot of edits after this specific edit. Actually, we are talking about quite a lot of them in a certain time frame. I thought all edits we’re remembered in the pool or so and you can always go back or undo very precisely. If this is what it is, it’s what it is.

I do have previous saved version, but, it does not contain always to which point for a specific event I want to go back.

This would be a point for improvement then for Cubase Pro I think.