How to unhide hidden tracks in Cubase elements 8?

I was able to easily hide tracks but how to unhide?
I saw this thread

which recommends:

When I “Hide Selected Track,” the only way I can bring it back is by binding a key to [Agents: Show All Channels/Tracks] and pressing the key in the project window or using the SetupWindowLayout->Inspector->Visibility.

but neither of these seem like options in Cubase elements 8, or at least I can’t find them. Kind of a newb to cubase, sorry for the dumb question. Thanks!!

edit: Also someone in that thread recommends clicking on the track list number which doesn’t appear to exist in Cubase elements 8.

Really…Elements surely has the visibility tab in the inspector?? I’d be very surprised if it didn’t.
So let’s start with…do you know what the inspector is. Do you have it showing?

EDIT: OK as far as I can see Elements has visibility tab in the MixConsole but not the project window…so you need to show the visibility tab on the left of Mixconsole.

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jeeeez i was looking for half out to get my track back!!!

im using Cubase for like forever but i couldnt find it

In Pro, you have to click on the little ‘house with crosshair in it’ next to the track counter on top of the list
Then choose ‘show all tracks’