How to uninstall if the originall installer files are gone?

I am trying to completely uninstall Cubase, but am running into extreme difficulty because the uninstall process is asking for the original files that were used to install it.

These files are long gone, having been deposited during the original installation in a temporary folder which was deleted during a reboot.

So how am I to uninstall Cubase (and Nuendo) on this machine, if I don’t have the original installer media available?

I’ve tried to just upgrade these apps using the Steinberg Download Assistant, but after an update it reports “An Unknown Error has occurred - please manually install the program”, however this also fails with “An Unknown Error has occurred” message.

Is there any particularly good reason - and I really want to hear it officially - why Steinberg requires the original installer media to complete an uninstall, and why isn’t the uninst000.exe included as part of a standard Cubase install?

This is preposterous, I simply cannot remove Cubase from my machine…

You shouldn’t need it. In Windows just using the normal uninstall should work fine. You don’t need to uninstall the content, just delete it. If you are on a Mac hopefully someone can speak to that.

Perhaps you could post a screenshot of the message so we can all know what it is actually saying.

I agree, I shouldn’t need it. But I clearly do. Screenshots attached.



Windows 10 Pro.

Hopefully someone who can read German will look at this.

I think @Martin.Jirsak or @steve might.

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You could use an app the force-uninstalls things, or I suppose you could download the Cuabse 12 installer (just the program) do the install, then uninstall.

I use HiBit Uninstaller, not that I recommend or dis-recommend it, but it works here, and doesn’t break things.


The message is mentioning the Content, right? I’m not sure, if Cubase installation would fix this.

But I’m not Windows guy and not strong in the Steinberg installers system, sorry.

The Windows Installer needs the Cubase installation package to run the deinstallation. Windows msi Packages contain not just the installation, they may also contain the deinstallation routines.

The message explains this, so you need to tell the installer where Cubase12.msi is located. If you deleted it you should be able to get it done by “reinstalling” Cubase 12 via Download Assistant and then deinstalling it.

Thanks for the info @JuergenP - however, I did not intentionally delete anything. (Also, I have checked and this .msi file is nowhere to be found on this sytstem)

This is a bug in the Steinberg Download Assistant, which is how Cubase 12 was installed on this system. I also, like you, thought it would be enough to ‘reinstall’ Cubase 12 with the Steinberg Download Assistant, and then I would somehow find the .msi file - however, this is not the case.

I guess what I need is to find this .msi file elsewhere.

The files are stored in the download area of the Download Assistant. You can define that here


After reinstalling it you should find a Zip file in that area and if you extract that file you get the msi package. The full path on my system looks like this:

D:\Stage\Steinberg\WIN64\Cubase 12.0.70 - Application (required)\\Cubase 12\Additional Content\Installer

and there you find the file

Copy the msi file to the location that is shown in the error message and try to deinstall it again

No this is not a bug in the Download Assistant, it is the way the Windows installation system works.

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Alright, thanks for that - was missing the detail that it was hiding in a .zip file … I’m currently uninstalling.

I appreciate everyones’ help, thanks very much.