How to uninstall or hide VST plugins. (mac)

Can’t find this in the help. I have a number of VST2’s and a few VST3;s which i don’t use.
I found some VST library and i deleted for example, my synthmaster 2 plug-in (vst2)… when i re-launch cubase, its still in the VST list when i want to load one into a track.
i know i can HIDE it, in the manager, but i’d like to get rid of it… period
There has to be a way in Cubase… right clicking on a plug-in in the MANAGER should give you a DELETE option, no ?

It should definitely not be possible for a plugin host to delete a plugin- since plugins may be used by many different hosts. A VST2 or VST3 plugin may be compatible with a host, but it does generally not belong to a single host (there are exceptions). Plugins are separately managed files at operating system level - often with their own installers.

I’m not currently running Cubase on MacOS, so I can’t help with current experience, but there seem to be quite a number of places, where one can find the location of VST2 and VST3 plugins on MacOS.

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You can make your custom plug-in collections in the VST Plug-in Manager. This allows you to hide the plug-ins you have installed, but you don’t want to use in Cubase.

You can also Hide the plug-in in the VST Plug-in Manager > Plug-in Information.

On Mac the default plug-ins location is: /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST

that makes it easier…. but why have all this VS2 detritus around if you are never going to use it . There is an app for almost everything. And there are uninstall apps for everything . except VSTs… bottom line is … they don’t take up a lot of space … so i guess i should just accept it. :slight_smile: