How to unlink (delete) Flows from Engrave squares on other pages. Make 6 independed lines per page


The facts:
I try to make a textbook (hadndbook) for young guitar studenst, on their very begining.

Some short, single-stave composition.
From 1 to 6 indipended staves (totation+TAB) on a page.
I try to meke them by Flows puted in blue Engrave mode.
Each Flow is one short (one stave) composition.
And than I put each Flow in its blue Engrave short square.
1 to 6 staves per page on an another page (notation+TAB).
It works.

The problem:
But when deleting the original Flows, desapear also the content of the indipended single blue Engrave squares, on the other page.

The blue Engrave one-line squares on the other page, are linked by the original Flows. So any chanege I make on the original flow is shown in his »copy« (the one-line blue Engrave square on the other page) and vice vesra.


  1. How can I delete, or unlik te original Flows from their »copies« (the one-line blue Engrave squares), and edit only the textbook (hadndbook) by 1 to 6 independed one-stave compositions per page?

  2. Is there another option to make pages by 1 to 6 independed one-stave compositions per pege?

Thank You much, for any suggestions.

Welcome to the forum, Borutt.

It’s difficult to know exactly what you’ve done without seeing the project, but I’ll hazard a guess:
When you draw blue music frames onto the page you’ll see that in the top left corner there’s a dropdown menu for the Frame Chain. The default Master Frame Chain is usually “MA” (but always starts “M”), and Master Frame Chains just tells the frame to display Flow 1 followed by Flow 2 followed by Flow 3, etc. If you set this dropdown to “LA” (or something beginning “L”) then it’s a layout frame, entirely separate from the main Master Frame Chain, and you’d probably then want to set the Flows dropdown (to the right) to the specific flow you want to display.

All that said, it seems - at least without seeing the project - that you’re doing something more complicated than necessary. Generally speaking, if you want to show multiple flows on a single page, the best way to do that is to go to Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows > and set New Flows to Allow on Existing Page. Dorico will then do what (I think) you’re asking without any manual intervention.

Hello pianoleo.

Yes I’m new in Dorico.
Tried Your suggestion in Layout-Allow on existing page. IT WORKS!
Thank You.

Yes it is difucult to explain in words. I made a short video, but here no possibility to share links.

Wish You all best.

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As you get more time on the forum, it will allow you more permissions, like posting links.

Hello dankrider.
Thank You for let me know these.