How to unload a rack instrument?

If you load a rack instrument. How do you get rid of it? The previous function of “No VST instrument” does not work.

Why in heavens name have they made this HUUUUGE Instrument rack??? And not window scalable to a small size???

Selecting “No VST Instrument” works here… :confused:

Not here! There do not seem to be any way to link that function at all to any of the loaded instruments. Only adding works. And after I add an instrument the pulldown menu seem to be detached to the loaded instrument(s).

Strange! Perhaps a picture would help…

Took a few minutes to figure this out. Click on the VST name and choose “No VST Instrument”

Not intuitive. I clicked on everything until I finally figured that out.

Hope this helps,


YES!!! Thx Much appreciated!