How to unscrunch staves prior to print?

So, right off the bat, I realize that I could do this in Dorico Pro 3 (with the engraver menu), but I only have elements.
After making some mild (or not so mild) system and frame break alterations on this particular part, how can I encourage the layout to “update” or “refresh”?
Please see scrunched up staves in pic below.

Set your ideal gaps and gaps between staff elements to zero. That should help. But that frame is pretty full.

I wouldn’t use any of the “pro” tools to deal with this page.
I would :
• Remove all breaks
• Open Layout options. Use Note spacing (between 3.5 and 4), use Space size, and ideal gaps (which actually are minimum gaps). And make sure justify vertically is on.

Those are the “real” tools for that, I think.
Hope it helps!

Awesome. Thanks!