How To Unwarp A Track Properly

Hi dear Cubase family!

I hope this question is not a dumb one, however I’m recently trying to discover the warping method for editing dialogues or podcasts on Cubase.

So my problem is: whenever I edit a podcast episode after warping the tracks of the speakers, I get crazy overlaps after unwarping the tracks to get back to normal speed. E.g. let’s say I edited out a part, merged the cut track, crossfaded, the works; unwarping makes crazy overlaps with all the edited pieces of tracks where I need to then reposition them, which really kills the purpose of time warping in the first place.

Is there any trick or method you have in mind, so that when I unwarp, the position of tracks are also unwarped the same? Is Cubase able to calculate that?

Thank you for your time!